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Episode 7

Why the #$%& Has it Taken So Long!


After an almost 3 month hiatus we're dropping a double deuce on you this January with Ep. 6 & Ep. 7!

In this episode we'll talk about why the #$%& it has taken so long for us to get new episodes out, which includes our recent sailing adventures (and mishaps) and our run in with the 'rona.

Hope you enjoy the show!

Next episode we will talk about the resources we've been using to learn to sail, as well as the ones we have found that we haven't been able to dive into as much yet.  And we promise to have the titles and authors names in front of us, so Joe can actually get them right this time.

See you in another 3 months! Just kidding!

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   The Show

We are an adventurous family (and possibly foolhardy) in Southern California with big dreams about living aboard a sailboat.  This podcast documents our journey from landlubbers to liveaboarders.  Our goal is to make the transition within one year.

Born out of a brilliant idea while cooped up during the COVID-19 outbreak, From Surfers to Sailors podcast will chronicle our adventures, experiences, hardships, and insights as we endeavor to make our sailing dreams come true.


Come join us and be part of our journey!


Joe Reed

Host, Designer, and Father

Aspiring Skipper


Gabrielle Trevino

Host, Nurse, and Mother

Aspiring Ship's Doctor

The Crew



The Teenager

Aspiring Helmsman



The Jokester

Aspiring Scallywag



The Wild One

Aspiring Pirate


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From Surfers to Sailors

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