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From Sailors to Surfers?!?

Episode 5 is still in process... hopefully we will be able to record this week and release next. I'm still swamped by the new semester, and online teaching makes for a lot of prep-work. Fingers crossed for Sept. 9th.

We were able to go sailing again last week with Dos Amigos, though. And we took first place in our class again, too! The captains and crew have been so gracious in making us feel welcome and in teaching us. We are very thankful to have found this crew and for the opportunity to sail with them.

Gabrielle has been fitting in nicely with the bow crew, and I got to spend more time in the cockpit grinding both the jib and spinnaker this time. I also got to helm the boat under power to the starting line, give the orders to hoist the mainsail, and even perform a tack. It was super exciting!

It also gave me valuable insight into what it takes to skipper a boat. It was very different being under power vs. under sail. I was acutely aware that I only had control over our heading, and not how fast we were going (without calling sail commands). I also do not yet have a full grasp on the right-of-way rules, and this made navigating the starting line, with all the other vessels weaving in and out, quite a nerve-racking experience!

The next day, Friday, Gabrielle and I got to surf our home break at Seal Beach. It was a good day. Small waves, but lots of them, and few people there -- just the way I like it! It's been awhile since I had a fun day surfing (as opposed to frustrating), and I was grateful for the chance to be reminded why I do this.

So, with racing one day and paddling out the next, I think it begs the question: Did we just go From Sailors to Surfers?!?

Righteous, dude!

Gabrielle is on the bow, Joe is at the stern, and the real crew is in-between! Thanks guys!

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