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From Surfers to Cross-dressers?!?

So, we’ve been trying to record our first episode in the last few days…what a dumpster fire that has been! This is way harder than I thought it would be. I tried writing a script, which was really difficult to do. Then we tried to read it, and it came off really clumsy and was hard to read. I tried several edits, which didn’t pan out very well. So, we decided maybe we should use bullet points instead, and fill in with our own words. I also wrote some more open-ended questions that we could use to just “wing it.”

Well, we tried last night to record those versions and it was godawful too. There were lots of long pauses, blank stares, nervous laughs, and grumpy comments (all mostly from me). It wound up with me just asking Gabrielle those open-ended questions, and her giving some very long answers in response. All I could think about was the editing process and how I was going to trim them down.

We did have a couple of good laughs though. After our first attempt, Gabrielle suggested we take a break, then offered that we should put some silly outfits on. Next thing I know she has me wearing an old one-piece lifeguard swimsuit and a swim cap, while she had a bikini and Cal-Trans style orange vest and goggles on. It looked simply ridiculous. So we turned the cameras and audio back on and kept going with the recording. I’m not sure we’ll ever share this video – there are some fairly explicit "bulge" moments, but we laughed hard while doing it, and even harder watching it later.

Unfortunately, I think the recording still went about as poorly as the first run through. Hopefully I’ll be able to salvage a few soundbites to use from it. Guess we’ll just have to put on an even crazier outfit and try again tonight…this time with the newest script I’m working on.

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