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Getting those ducks in a row

Haven't posted here for a few days, but have been busy nonetheless. We have our first trailer recorded and live for listening! We needed that to make accounts on popular podcast platforms, such as iTunes and Spotify, which are all now live as well! I think we actually might be on just about every platform available out there... I might have went a little overboard making accounts. At my last count we are now live on at least 12 platforms, maybe a few more. So please subscribe and listen, and if you are feeling generous, leave us a 5-star review while you are there too!

Our Patreon page is also up and running! I don't know about monetizing this podcast in the future. I'm not really fond of ads when I listen to other podcasts. We'll just have to see how that progresses. But for the time being I am hoping we might get a little support through Patreon and keep our show ad free. We've promised to make patron-only content, and we have a number of different tiers available, all with their own set of goodies, ranging from shout-outs on an episode, to kid-made content, blooper reels, or you could even commission your own show. So if you are feeling extra generous, head over to and support us there.

Only thirty-five days now until that first episode drops. Good thing we are getting our ducks in a row.

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