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"Mother mother ocean, I have heard you call..."

Leave people alone with their thoughts for long enough, they might just start to dream... So my boyfriend Joe and I had this vision of living aboard a sailboat. What would that look like? Are we completely crazy? If I could start by explaining to you that I don't think that I was meant for living on land, it might seem like a totally logical next step to take. The thing is, is that there's four children between the both of us. Okay, my oldest is grown and out of the house, but still... Three boys ~ preschool age, elementary school age, and..... teenage. What could possibly go wrong?

I've always thought that the best place for kids to roam around and have fun is by the ocean's side. The water provides the entertainment, where children can play and feed their imaginations. Why can't we as adults indulge in those same pleasures? Safety, yes, always of most importance. But then there's the small details. Like, if we purchase a sailboat with the goal of living aboard, we should probably know how to sail. Hmmmmmm..... A quick assessment of our collective sailing expertise and skills ~ the preschooler...none, the elementary schooler...a couple classes, the teenager....several years in the junior sailing program and a couple races aboard a forty-foot sailboat, Joe....sailing dreams and this current scheme, and fourteen foot capri class with a withered and tattered sailing card that I've yet to find (I swear it use to be in my wallet), and a few seasons racing aboard a forty foot yacht. But no frontn' here ~ I was mostly small assist here and there, beer maiden at best....

Seems like there's some work to do.

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