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"Needs cheese..."

So, nine days into this vegan thing and I don’t think it’s going as well as I hoped… Without giving you too much detail, it certainly has been affecting my gut-biome, but in unanticipated ways. I’ve felt bloated and hungry for nine days now, and I’m dying for some cheese. Everything I eat sounds better if I could put some cheese on it.

Lentil tacos? "Needs cheese..."

Quinoa salad? "Needs cheese..."

Fruit smoothie? "Needs cheese..."

Granola and soy milk? Well, I think you get the idea.

Anyway, I’m still hopeful that my body will adjust and I will see some benefits to this dietary change, but for now it’s been a little lackluster in the results column.

The food has been quite good though, far better than I thought it would be. This is all due to Gabrielle’s amazing cooking. She has been an angel, slaving away over making us meals morning and night. She’s been getting up at 6:30am with me to make me oatmeal while I’m in the shower and getting dressed.

Yummy taco salad lunch in my car

We definitely need to start to do some food prep ahead of time if we’re going to keep this up – even just dicing veggies for use the rest of the week. And some snacky items lying around would be good too – when we are hungry, we are at our weakest. That’s when some cookies, or yogurt, or eggs, or just shoving lunch meat down by the handful sounds like a fantastic idea.

Oh well, I’m giving it another week. Probably will give it another after that too. Not going to get my hopes up about a cheese substitute quite yet though. I’ll just see you in my dreams, quesadillas... I love you. *sigh*

Still needs more cheese...

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