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Our First Surf Video!

We’re gearing up for our first episode release! We’ve posted our first trailer. We’ve recorded a second one and are currently editing. We’ve made over a dozen accounts on podcast sites to push our content out too. We’ve made our Patreon page, and set up our contribution tiers. We’ve just about finalized the website, and are starting to add content to our new social media accounts too.

We’ve had to make a few purchases along the way, mostly related to hosting and domain names, and a few books. But we are really excited about one purchase in particular. We recently bought a waterproof action camera! We thought it would be really fun to record ourselves while we are out in the water. We think it might help our surfing too, to see what we’re doing right and wrong.

I know this is primarily a podcast, but we’re planning on posting pics and video from time to time on our social media sites, including Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. We’ll start with some surfing and motorcycle videos, but will likely expand this to some of our other adventures, and maybe even let the kiddos shoot some stuff too. We’re hoping this will add some additional fun to our show!

We've recorded one surf session already, and plan to do lots more soon. Here is the first video we've put together -- not the best quality, but I'm sure they will improve with practice. We do need to figure out a better camera mounting system than just strapping it to my wrist. And yes, by the way, that is me singing and playing - it's the first song I wrote for Gabrielle.

Hope you enjoy!

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