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So, Episode 4 - The Kids' POV is now live! We think this is an incredibly cute and fun episode and wholeheartedly hope you'll listen to it. The kids amaze us constantly, and we think hearing their thoughts on this plan of ours will put a smile on your face.

With that said, we want to talk about racing! We were invited back on Dos Amigos this last week (the race sailboat in our last post, that we finagled our way onto through sheer determination and luck) and we had a real blast. The skipper put us to work this time, and we were grateful for the learning opportunity.

I was assigned to man the port spinnaker winch (grinder), while Gabrielle was assigned to assist the bowman. Gabrielle worked bow previously on Jazz, so it was a good place for her to get accustomed to this crew and how they operate. However, I have never done a job worth mentioning on a boat before, so it was a real treat for me to get assigned a position and be instructed on what to do.

I was walked through what to expect when the spinnaker is about to be flown, and how to get into position (moving behind the helmsman, not across the deck). They explained how to work the winch, how to remove the handle, and when to do so (before blowing the sheet). And then great care was given to instructing me on how to blow the sheet during a jibe (removing the line from the winch, thus releasing all tension and allowing the spinnaker to be positioned to the other side of the boat). The idea was to do it as fast as possible, without getting your fingers caught, and to ensure that the sheet (line) fed through the block (pulley) without making an asshole (snag).

We only had one downwind passage on this race, but there were a couple of quick jibes during it, so I was able to make use of my newly acquired training several times. I was told I did well. I was just happy I didn't %#@& up badly...

We are invited back this Thursday for another pop-top race, and also on Saturday for a longer race outside the break water to San Pedro. We really look forward to these outings, and we are incredibly grateful to have this opportunity to race with Dos Amigos.

Adventure awaits!

Dos Amigos (red, white, and blue spinnaker) - Gabrielle can be spotted on the bow

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