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Episode 2 is now live!

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

In case you haven't noticed, we released our second episode today! No matter that it was a week late... This episode is all about our dreams and expectations of what life will be like for us and our family once we achieve our goal and move aboard a sailboat.

We actually recorded in two separate sessions for this episode, and have since decided to make it a "two-parter". This wasn't our original intent, but after the first recording session, we knew that we hadn't covered everything on the topic we wanted. We were also tired, as we were recording late at night. We set up shop a couple days later in our new recording studio (pictured below) down by the marina and recorded the rest of the episode while watching boats pass by. This was definitely a fun way to record, and I'm sure we'll repeat it again in the future.

Our New Office/Studio: The Ford FLEX Surf-mobile, complete with boards.

We've noticed that while our audio is better recording in the car (as opposed to the bedroom) that there is still something happening when we export out of Adobe Audition. The audio sounds great in the program, then when we play the MP3 back, there is some degrading. I know MP3's aren't a great audio format, but I don't think the quality would suffer that much. Anyway, our apologies and we'll keep endeavoring to improve as we learn along the way.

We also couldn't help but notice that our dirty sense of humor comes out to play a little more in this episode. It's a little embarrassing to me to release this actually, with all the foul-mouthed content, but we can't help cracking up when we play the audio back, and hope you might chuckle a little too. We agreed that are going to be true to ourselves in this podcast. We think that's the only way that makes it worth doing. And I guess our potty-mouths and crude jokes are a big part of what makes us "us". So, I put my prudish sensibilities aside and just let the dirty jokes ride.

Because after all, when it comes down to it, we're really documenting this journey for ourselves... So I guess we have to be us.

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