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We're on an adventure now!

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Episode 3 is now live! It is the continuation (err, prequel actually) of Episode 2 "Dreams and Expectations". We split the episode into two parts, and each have their own flavor and points of discussion. Both are foul and embarrassing to release, and should not be listened to by the faint-of-heart. The next episode will be far more tame, I assure you, as it will be cute interviews of of our kids as we get their perspective on this undertaking.

Far more interesting than our podcast, though, was the spontaneous adventure we had last night!

Our plan was to go surfing, but as we drove to our local break it was obvious that the waves were flat. Like, non-existent flat. While driving back to Long Beach, Gabrielle realized that, it being about 5pm on Thursday, the pop-top sailboat racers would be preparing to head out. She wanted to stop by her old race boat and see what they were up to, and maybe even get a little podcast fieldwork or research in.

We drove to the marina and quickly found her old boat, Jazz, berthed in it's slip...with not a soul around. The former beer-maiden and I decided to hop aboard for a quick photo opp, and see if anyone would show up for the race.

We chatted with the neighbor on the troller in the next slip, and she informed us that Jazz's owner had bought a new boat and hadn't been around much.

So we walked to the end of the gangway to stick our feet in the water and enjoy the marina for a moment. As we were sitting there we noticed all the other pop-top racers getting underway, including a number of boats Gabrielle recalled racing against in years past. Then she thought she spotted Jazz's owner piloting another boat. This is when her wheels really started to spin.

Gabrielle proffered that we should go paddle around Naples Island on our boards and enjoy some sun, then drive to the end of the peninsula and watch the racers come in. Then, we could drive back to the marina, where they ought to be finishing stowing away the boats, and try to find Jazz's owner to reconnect. And if we were lucky, we might get invited to the yacht club for some post-race burgers and drinks.

And that is exactly what we did! Her plans are always the best.

We actually paddled around the island on our second date, so it brought back nice memories. And this time I was able to kiss her as we went under every bridge, instead of just wishing I could.

After loading up the boards and changing clothes we drove to the end of the peninsula where we watched all the boats head in, and snapped a lot of pics. It was fun to see the flotilla of beautiful boats being expertly handled coming up the canal. (continued below)

So after the last boats went by, we hightailed it over to the marina to scope the scene. We found the boat that Gabrielle thought was helmed by Jazz's owner, however she realized it wasn't him after all. We decided to approach the crew and ask if they knew about Jazz's owner's whereabouts.

They were a friendly lot and informed us that they hadn't seen him all season. But, they said we were welcome to join them at the yacht club and see if he was there. Bingo, that was our entry ticket!

We thanked them and made our way to the club. And wouldn't you know, the guy manning the door was the very person we had been looking for! Gabrielle got to catch up for a few minutes with him, heard all about his new race boat, learned that Jazz was actually for sale, and he even agreed to do a future podcast interview!

As we made our way inside, we struck up a conversation with an older gentleman from the crew we approached. We wound up buying him a beer and talking with him for the rest of the evening about our sailing ambitions, and received some wonderful pointers from him about learning to sail, how to get on a race crew, and about where to go cruising too.

We even learned of a new dream surf spot in Baja California called Punta Pequeña, and some contacts right here in Long Beach that we should make regarding surfing and sailing. Score!

We will definitely have to investigate all these tidbits, and we hope to see our new friend next Thursday as we try to finagle our way onboard with a race crew!

It was a hell of a day for the surf being flat. We truly are on an adventure now!

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