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Welcome to our site! We're probably insane.

I woke up this morning in a panic and thought: "What the HELL are we doing?!?" It's 51 days until the podcast launch, which marks the beginning of our 1 year goal to be living aboard a boat. We've been bouncing the idea around of living on a boat for a couple weeks now, after Gabrielle and I confided in each other that it's been a personal dream for both of us. It's only been about 5 days since we agreed that we were going to do it, for realisies. During that time, we've expanded the idea into living on an RV while we learn to sail a "starter" boat, likely going back into business for myself again, and creating a podcast (with a website and blog) on top of it all to document the whole endeavor.

I've never written a blog post before. We've never made a podcast. We've never lived in an RV. And we've certainly never owned a boat. What the hell ARE we thinking?! This is what you get when two adventurous (and possibly insane) people are cooped up together during the COVID-19 quarantine.

I heard this once in my motorcycle riding circles, but it seems just as applicable now. An old biker once told me "if you aren't scared, you don't have a proper appreciation for what you are doing." Well, I'll say it, I'm scared. Scared of failing our goal, scared of going broke, scared of looking like an idiot on every podcast platform around, scared to have lives so dear to me become my responsibility to look after in a wholly unforgiving environment. I'm scared that we indeed don't have a proper appreciation for what we are undertaking...

But that doesn't mean we won't go head long for our goal, and trust that it will all work out just as it should. Liveaboard or bust, baby!

Welcome to our site! We just might be insane. But it should be a fun ride.

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