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Well, we did it!

We did it! Our first podcast episode was released on July 1st, just as we promised! Never mind that it was at 10pm PST, it was still July 1st for us.

Our first episode introduces us and our show, why we want to live on a sailboat, how we got the crazy idea in the first place, and a little bit about where we hope to take the show. It was a little rougher than I had hoped, mainly due to some audio trouble described in my last post, and having to re-edit all the audio from scratch two days before the debut. But nonetheless, I am proud to have released it.

I am afraid the episode might be a little too silly for our audience, especially how it starts off. I wanted to make an overture to our trailers, which have some silly bits before we use our "serious" podcast voices to plug the show. In our three recording sessions so far, though, I have noticed that the best bits are really the excerpts and banter we have in between reading the script. In fact, we have plans to use a lot of this content for bonus episodes and blooper reels for our Patreon patrons.

I feel that without some of this silliness our episodes would be static and sterile. While that works well in some podcasts (a few of my favorites come to mind actually), I don't think it will for ours. We have no idea what the hell we are doing, we're still trying to find our style, and I don't think trying to present information in a matter-of-fact way is going to suit our personalities or our show. Furthermore, we are really not qualified to present information in any way, either silly or serious. It is my hopes that a little humor (often dirty) will go well with our honesty and our flailing as we try to figure out exactly how to do this.

So in our upcoming episode I'm hoping to not separate the "serious" scripted dialogue from the banter, and let our humor and personalities take center stage. I think this will be a little more natural for us, and it will hopefully show through in the episode. And I'm sure their will still be plenty of ridiculous moments to excerpt for the blooper reels too.

Any thoughts? Let me know.

Welcome to our podcast!

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