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We are a couple of lovebirds in Long Beach, California, with big dreams and hopefully the wherewithal to pull them off.

Joe is a product designer and college instructor.  


Gabrielle is a Registered Nurse. whose returned to school for a higher degree. 


We both love surfing, playing music together, motorcycle riding, and cooking awesome food.

We have four boys between the two of us, ranging from early twenties to toddler ages.

Who we are

Yup, they scare us too.

The oldest is Ezekiel, and he is married and out of the nest. He might drop by from time to time.

Ezra is the long haired teenager.  He has more sailing experience than all of us put together.

Roy is the jokester, and a wide-eyed dreamer.  He loves karate and the beach, but his tablet ranks above all.

EJ is the wild one.  He's built like a tank and always down to party.  This child fears nothing.

The Kids

Why are we

doing this?

Because we're crazy.  And a lot of fun.

We also think this will be the adventure of a lifetime.  We're pretty sure the kids will love it too.

Sure, it may get a little cramped onboard with all of us, but the freedom that comes with it should make it all worthwhile.

We're both a little rebellious at heart, and have never wanted to lead lives of conformity.  So what better way to live then to sell off everything and move aboard!

Yeah, so we gotta get a boat first.  And we should probably learn to sail too.  Minor details...

A family of five's journey to liveaboard


From Surfers to Sailors

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